The Evolution Karaoke Systems

professional karaoke equipment for home and business


A karaoke system for a new-age home!
Aluminum casing available in four colors, the functionality of professional karaoke systems, 2000 best karaoke hits + the ability for you to purchase your favorite songs.


Price: 28600 UAH


Evolution Lite22019

The ideal solution for home karaoke parties and VIP karaoke rooms!

The updated Lite2 offers unmatched sound quality and plenty of new features for karaoke fans. Plus and Premium packages are also available.

Price: 65000 UAH


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Evolution Pro2

The best karaoke system for leisure venues!

Huge choice of songs; many new features for karaoke business owners; integration with the innovative EvoClub system.

Price: 85800 UAH


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Оформление заказа на покупку караоке-системы «Evolution Pro2»

Акція! Клубний подарунок: при покупці/trade-in караоке-системи Evolution Pro2 пакет оновлень "Клубний" в подарунок!
*акция действует до 31 августа 2019 года, количество караоке-систем ограничено

Цена Evolution Pro2 – 96200 UAH

Караоке система Evolution Pro2 RU

Evolution Compact HD
Evolution Compact HD
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Система караоке Home HD
Evolution Home HD
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Система караоке Pro
Evolution Pro
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Evolution Lite
Evolution Lite
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About Us
The Studio Evolution company in figures

Цифра 1
are designed from scratch and ready to use; come with regular software– and song database updates
Цифра 2
15+ years of experience
with the development and providing of professional karaoke systems for individuals and karaoke businesses
Цифра 3
100,000,000+ karaoke tracks
were played for the last 4 years by our karaoke systems
Цифра 4
470+ cities in 39 countries
make the coverage area of our karaoke systems
Цифра 5
3000+ karaoke clubs
providing professional karaoke services use our karaoke systems
Цифра 6
10 mobile applications
that make it easy to control our karaoke systems remotely

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