Update packages
for the Evolution karaoke system

Promotion! 50% discount on “Yesterday” package for everyone.
Upgrade your karaoke system for half price and download all new karaoke hits!

*promo is valid until August 31, 2019

Update package name


Update package Club

1 Year

Update package 1 year


Update package Yesterday

PROMOTION! 50% off

1 Month

Update package 1 Month

Number of updates 12 updates 12 updates 13+ updates 1 update
Karaoke systems compatible with the update package Evolution Pro2 Evolution Pro2, Evolution Lite2, Evolution Lite22019, Evolution Lite22019 Plus, Evolution Lite22019 Premium, Evolution Compact HD, Evolution Home HD, Evolution Home HD v2.0
Can I download and install the update on my own? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Is there an opportunity to download and install
the update using Studio Evolution service center?
Is there an opportunity to download and
install tracks a few times per week,
when they are ready to download?
Price, UAH 10400 9100


PROMOTION! 50% off

Order a package
Ordering of the Update Package

STOCK! 50% discount on yesterday’s package for everyone.
Upgrade your Evolution karaoke system for half the price and get all new karaoke hits!

*The offer is valid until August 31 2019
песни караоке

* You can purchase the update package on your personal account page

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